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So here we are, back to those lockdown days.. Almost bhul hi gaye the ki wapis yaad aagaya wo din. Wo Dalgona coffee ka trend, wo Pubg ki raate, wo videocalls Ludo din bhar...
Lockdown wapis aa hi gaya toh uss par video bhi banana toh banta hai na???
Toh bana daala yeh video..
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Stay home. Stay healthy and jitna ho sake logo ki madad karo. We are in a very bad
situation right now and together we can overcome this.
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      bhai 2m walla surprise kidhar he hai

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    Battelground india

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    I passed 10 without exams I was very scared obout It but I passed 😂😂

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    Yr 10 th ki to cancel ho gyi pr 12 th ki nhi hui na😑

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    Best part: pubg part and all aps

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    2:16 nobody gonna talk about free fire

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    If some noticed they have 2 .03 million and they have uploaded 203 videos

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    Lockdown mai ek sahara funcho hamara

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    Bhai sach bolna plz kya aap Crime patrol me kaam Karte the??

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    Best scene :- board exam and pubg 🔥❤️, but what about 12th students, hm ky iron man hy, ki hm bachpan se hi vaccine le ke aaye the

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    "0:17" *”I am so happy to get 5600”* *DIAMONDS.* from *FF2.BUZZ* *"Am I right?"* 垃圾。Lord

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    Karthik Maurya

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